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Figuring out the right number of lamps to properly light up a room or area can be challenging. It’s not just about the room’s size – other elements like what you’ll be doing in the space and how much light your walls reflect matter too.

We’ve got a handy simple lumen calculator that gives you an estimate calculation for how much light (lumens) you will need for the particular illuminance required.

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Here are some common lighting levels for different spaces to help you with input in lumen calculator

Residential Spaces

Living Room:

Casual activities: 10-20 fc (100-200 lux)

Reading or detailed tasks: 30-50 fc (300-500 lux)


General lighting: 30-40 fc (300-400 lux)

Task areas (countertops): 70-80 fc (700-800 lux)


General lighting: 10-20 fc (100-200 lux)

Reading or task lighting: 30-50 fc (300-500 lux)


General lighting: 30-40 fc (300-400 lux)

Task lighting at the mirror: 70-80 fc (700-800 lux)

Dining Area:

General lighting: 30-40 fc (300-400 lux)

Over the dining table: 60-70 fc (600-700 lux)

Hallways and Stairs:

5-10 fc (50-100 lux)


General Office Workspaces:

30-50 fc (300-500 lux) for tasks like reading, writing, and computer work.

Conference Rooms:

30-50 fc (300-500 lux) for comfortable visibility during meetings and presentations.

Reception Areas:

20-30 fc (200-300 lux) to create a welcoming ambiance.

Break Rooms or Lounges:

20-30 fc (200-300 lux) for relaxed, comfortable lighting.


General Storage Areas:

10-30 fc (100-300 lux) depending on the level of detail required for tasks.

Loading Docks:

30-50 fc (300-500 lux) for safety and efficiency in loading and unloading goods.

Assembly or Detailed Work Areas:

50-100 fc (500-1000 lux) for tasks requiring precision and attention to detail.

Inspection Areas:

100-150 fc (1000-1500 lux) for thorough examination of products and materials.

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