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We are independent lighting design company specialized in making lighting plans, photometric reports, and 3D lighting visualizations.
If you need lighting calculations, photometric plans or just advice about lighting contact us any time.

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Street Lighting

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Modern Bedroom Lighting
FC values of the paintings
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We can offer you cooperation at the highest level.

Photometric Analysis

Detail Photometric Reports showing all of the necessary data, Lighting levels (FC or LUX), Uniformity, Glare calculations. Photometric plan for all different projects like indoors, outdoors, sports terrains, streets. 

Lighting Design

Designing and Planning of the lights according to the IESNA and European  codes. Details on the CAD drawings and making precise Lighting Specifications. 

Lighting Control

Providing projects for controlling the lights like DMX control, Lutron control, and many other systems. 

Wiring Calculations

Providing all kind of calculations like voltage drop calculations, cable sizing, LED driver specifications. 

- Sincerely Stefan Trajkovski - Stetra Lighting

OUR beloVed Clients

Stefan has been wonderful! His work and quality of work has been nothing but the best at all times, even when I asked for something ASAP. He understands lighting and the requirements necessary to make the best decision on a project. I have enjoyed working with Stefan and hope to work together again in the future!
Kate Wassel
Regional Director of Operations ALLED Lighting Systems
Stefan was a pleasure to work with, both as a lighting consultant providing services to the HELLA Mining unit and later as a distributor, bringing HELLA Mining products into the SEE region. His technical knowledge complemented his professionalism and pleasant demeanor. I would highly recommend Stefan as an talented business partner to anyone
Daniel Montagnese
Product Manager
"Very good guy. We invited him to come to Germany what he did. Great to work with. Thank you, Stefan."
Nicolas von Wilcke

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